Open Today 10:00am - 4:00pm

Open today 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Dogs at Q

There is no doubt dogs make wonderful companions and are highly valued as family pets and at Q we realise the importance of dog ownership.The Gold Coast has over 55,000 registered dogs; a figure which indicates the popularity of dog ownership within our city. So it is no surprise that Q Super Centre is one of the limited shopping centre’s that openly welcomes dogs. We have installed dog watering stations along with handy dog waste bags throughout the centre. Dogs are welcome throughout all outdoor areas of the centre.

Policies for individual tenancies within the centre may vary. If you are unsure if a store allows dogs, look for signage or simply speak to the friendly staff and they will inform you of their policies. Pets other than dogs should be left at home unless visiting a specific store that allows them, such as the vet. Accredited Assistance Animals are permitted in all areas as per legislation.

Rocky – Doggie Face of Q 2020


Over 600 uploaded images were entered in the Doggie Face of Q 2020 competition.

Rocky was the winning dog for 2020. He won, $500 Vetcall, $500 Petbarn voucher and a Pawzing personalised art work, plus a designer dog tag.

Rocky is 1.5 years old and a very cute Pug!

If you have a cute dog that doesn’t shy away from the camera keep posted as next August, we will be on the lookout for our Doggie Face of Q 2021 star!

Q Dog Rules

  1. STAY ON YOUR LEASH (or in your humans cute carry bag) at all times. As you know, when you are not well connected, humans can go astray.
  2. PLEASE, KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN. We all love to bark, but some humans have sensitive hearing.
  3. ACCIDENT? Please ask your human to do their job and clean up after you.
  4. SOME STORES WELCOME DOGS, OTHERS DON’T. Make sure your human checks first before strolling in.
  5. THE FURNITURE (ESPECIALLY AT FOOD SHOPS) is for humans only. (unlike the sofa at home when nobody’s looking)
  6. KEEP OUT OF SHOPPING TROLLEYS They are for your humans grocery shopping only.
  7. FEELING FRISKY? Go to the dog park, the shopping centre isn’t the right place for that. Keep a friendly distance from other dogs while visiting Q

Thanks for being a GOOD DOG.